June 2, 2013

Pinterest Week: Pink Lace

I feel like I have been running a tad low on inspiration lately... and my "nail art" pinterest board is growing exponentially with manicures created by other talented ladies that I wanted to try myself someday...

So, I took the idea for a Pinterest-inspired week from Kayla over at KaylaShevonne.com (she did this in August 2013) and choose 7 designs that I will be recreating this week.

To start the week off I have a pink lace design...
You can see my pin here and the original source here.

I started with a base of Barielle Alli's Lace Cover-Up and then stamped with Konad special black polish and BM-315 (the paisley and fish-net design). I topped it off with a clear top coat at first (as seen above).. but then decided to mattify it with Essie Matte About You (as seen in the photos below).

Stay tuned for 6 more designs lined up for this week! I'm really excited to be back with regular posts.