June 25, 2013

Review: Born Pretty Store Solingen Cuticle Cutters

Today I have a product that strays a little from the "nail art" products I usually review from Born Pretty Store... and leans more towards nail care. I chose to review this set of Solingen Cuticle Nippers...

Please Note: I am not a professional nail tech or manicurist. And I DO NOT cut my cuticles. (but keep reading for my honest review of this product and to find out why I still think "cuticle cutters" are essential in any manicure kit)

If you would like to check out my typical nail care routine you can do so here.

Now, why do I always have a pair of these "cuticle cutters" around if I don't intend to cut my cuticles?? For a few reasons...

First of all I find them very handy when it comes to cutting the excess "cuticle" (dead skin) that grows on my toenails when doing a pedicure. And the pointed tip helps to get in close to cut any hang nails on my fingers (I rarely use regular nail clippers).

I also find them handy to have around when doing striping tape manicures. It makes handling the little teeny pieces of tape a lot easier.

So on to the review of this particular set of "nippers"...

The Solingen brand is one I have never heard of before. They are a little bit larger than other brands of "cutters" But they still come to a small tip. And they are very sharp! (Which means I can cut whatever I need to in one clip, for a nice clean cut)

Although the clippers are larger in size, I was still able to get in close on any hangnails... and I actually found them easier to use for my pedicure last week. The handle is also wide-set and feels more "stiff" than my other set... which is my favourite feature! My old set used to slip out of my hand on occasion... which resulted in me cutting myself :(

This product is great if you are looking to try out "cuticle cutters" or pick up a new pair... and you can buy them from Born Pretty Store here for only $2.74US (with free shipping!!)

Please let me know what you think if you try this product out yourself! :)

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