June 20, 2013

Review: Born Pretty Store stamping plate M57

I have a new product review for you today... not sure if any of you knew or not but Born Pretty Store carries stamping plates :) And they just happened to have a plate M57 that I have been on the hunt for...

Please Note: This is a Konad knock-off, not the real thing

Although it's a "Fauxnad" plate, the designs are all virtually identical, just much smaller than Konad plates, and smaller again to bundle monster (as seen in the photo below)

 So.. which manicure did I create with this new fauxnad plate do you ask? 

A transitional animal print of course!! 

This is the second time I've attempted this design, but the first time around I didn't have the leopard or zebra print patterns (that are on M57) to match my other fauxnad plate. 

But this time I didn't have to improvise... 

I started with a base of Cult Nails Love at First Sight on my thumb and pinky and Cult Nails Faded on my other nails. I stamped with Konad special black polish.

You all might be wondering how I fit that tiny stamp on my nails (and my nail beds are quite large)... and the secret is, I didn't. Not at first. I actually stamped the leopard print twice and used a small nail art brush to fill in the open spaces on the zebra print nail. Then I used a dotting tool to add the spots of CN Love at First Sight throughout the leopard print.

You can get the stamping plate from Born Pretty Store for $2.99 and don't forget there's free international shipping!

And you can use my coupon code below for 10% off your purchase!