July 2, 2013

Around the World Challenge: Rome

Sorry I'm a few days late with this one.. mostly because it was Canada Day weekend and I had other things to do :P

I can't believe it's week 10 of the Around the World Challenge already... only 5 more to go! (Which means only 5 more weeks until I leave for my 2-week trip to Germany!!)

Today we "travel" to Rome...

It's always difficult to create a manicure for a city so rich in culture and history. But I settled on incorporating the "Grass Crown" in mine.

The Grass Crown or Blockade Crown (Latin: corona graminea or corona obsidionalis) was the highest and rarest of all military decorations in the Roman Republic and early Roman empire. It was presented only to a general, commander, or officer whose actions saved the legion or the entire army. Wikipedia.

(Please excuse my use of Wikipedia as a source. I've been taught through my entire University career to use academic, peer-reviewed sources... but I don't have the time to go searching around the internet for a definition for a blog post, so Wikipedia will have to do) Feel free to correct me on any of my "definitions" though :)

I started with a coat of OPI My Vampire is Buff and then freehanded the leaves on with China Glaze Four leaf Clover. 

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