July 10, 2013

Cult Nails Tulum

This one is from last week sometime. I was looking for something neutral and simple but not too boring.

Cult Nails Tulum is a stunning brown/taup shade with some hidden gold specks of glitter thrown in. Blaze was a perfect complimentary color for the accent nails... I found that it brought out the gold specks in Tulum. 

Have I mentioned how much I adore Cult Nails? My collection is growing so much now that I can reach for a Cultie shade no matter which mood I'm in, there's something for every occasion. I'm saving up now for the newest collection, "Road Trip, Anyone?" Although it might be a while before I can get my hands on it :(

Short and sweet post today (not unlike my nails), I've been house sitting for my cousin so finding the time to paint my nails has been tricky. That, and I've been putting some posts away for the few weeks in August that I will be on vacation and then packing to move to Halifax. Stay tuned for week 12 of the Around the World Challenge coming up on Saturday :)