July 1, 2013

Happy Canada Day: & how to get the perfect maple leaf

For all you Canadians out there I hope you're enjoying this lovely long-weekend. We are finally getting a bit of sun around here after a miserable rainy week so I'm gonna make this short and sweet.

I put together a little manicure for Canada Day and a quick how-to for getting the perfect maple leaf.

 I started with a base of Finger Paints Paper Mache. And then I used this amazing product called Liquid Palisade to create the stripes...

 Liquid palisade acts as a nail polish resist... and works the same as striping tape (in half the time). Once my base coat was good and dry, I used the small brush in liquid palisade to draw vertical stripes on my nails. The liquid dries into a rubber-like texture. Once that was dry, I sponged on the Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Red my Lips. Then all I had to do was peel the rubber off.

The maple leaf was created using the decal technique. But to make it as symmetrical as I could I used a guide... I printed off a canada flag small enough to fit on my finger, then taped the piece of paper to the back of a piece of plastic from a zip-lock bag. I taped the plastic down to my desk to make sure it wouldn't slide around.

Then I painted over the maple leaf using Red My Lips again. I made the polish fairly thick so that it peeled off easily.

Once it dried I peeled off the decal and I stuck it on using a clear top coat.

Happy Canada Day to all of you lovely Canadians out there!! And even if you're not celebrating the holiday, I wish all of you a lovely day :)