July 20, 2013

Nicole by OPI Canada Nail Night hosted by Kayla Shevonne

For those of you who follow my instagram account you may have noticed that I was at the first ever #NicoleNight last night with a few other Newfie beauty bloggers, Kayla Shevonne and Rebecca from Rebecca Likes Nails, and a few of Kayla's close friends!  :)

Nicole by OPI Canada got in touch with Kayla Shevonne and sponsored the event at her place... Pizza, Polish and Poker, it was a blast!!

Nicole by OPI Canada provided a ton of products for the grand prize for the poker winner!!

Kayla had her place all decked out for the evening...
Kayla's friend Michelle made this awesome cake for the event!! 

Kayla had her awesome nail den all decked out with Nicole by OPI nail polish and OPI manicure products... (also provided by Nicole by OPI Canada)

 We started the evening off by diving into all the polish!! :)

Rebecca painted Melissa's nails (another friend of Kayla's)...

Rebecca did an awesome gradient with polishes from the Gumdrops collection... Blue-berry Sweet on You, I Lilac Gumdrops, Candy is Dandy...

Melissa's nails featured I do de-Claire! (from the modern family collection) topped off with Inner Sparkle (from the Selina Gomez collection)...

Kayla started by painting her nails with Candid Cameron topped off with a thin coat of Heavenly Angel (as seen below)... leave it to Kayla to change her nails before the night was through... You can check out her other manicure on her page - it's worth checking out just to see the unconventional polish bottle she uses in the photo ;P 

And I painted my own nails with Back in my Gloria Days and I Lilac Gumdrops on the accent nail.

Once we were all well-manicured, we proceeded to the pizza and poker game!! Mind you I have never ever played poker before so I had to be shown exactly how to play... but I caught on quick and it was really fun!! :)

It was a tight game with many ups and downs but in the end, Rebecca took the grand prize with "pocket kings" (I'm so proud of my poker jargon) :P 

Kayla and Rebecca were both very generous and passed along a few products to little ol' me :)

I can't wait to try out that mask!! And I may just invest in the scrub and hand creme with the same scent, which is awesome by the way. 

It really is too bad that I'm moving away in the next month... it would be so awesome to get together with the girls another time. Maybe during christmas break..

Thanks again to Kayla for hosting, it was a blast!! :)