August 9, 2013

My Heart is in Treble

Cult Nails Evil Queen, the perfect candy apple red. This polish has been on my lemming list for quite some time. I finally picked it up about a month ago and it was everything I hoped it would be :) 

I decided to show it some love with a little freehand design I have been wanting to try out. Seemed like the perfect opportunity... 

I started with a base of Evil Queen on each nail except the accent, that one was Finger Paints Black Expressionism. Then I added Cult Nails Captivated on the pinky for an extra sparkle. The freehand design was created using a nail art brush and Finger Paints Paper Mache. 

The treble clef also seemed appropriate since I'm in one of the world's most historic countries when it comes to famous classical musicians/composers. (for those of you who didn't realize, I'm touring around Germany for two weeks).

I hope you are all enjoying the posts that I had pre-scheduled. That's why my nail length keeps changing from post-to-post lately :P