August 1, 2013

Thank you Marta!!

A few weeks ago I received a very sweet message from Marta over at Chit Chat Nails asking for my address so she could send me a little something "just because"... who would ever turn down free goodies??

Little did I know I would receive these five beauties!!

If you're unfamiliar with that polish in the middle... it's Cult Nails Just Because, a limited edition polish that will not be for sale from Cult Nails. Maria (from Cult Nails) will be giving this polish away to a few lucky ladies during random giveaways, special occasions, or "Just Because". I cannot begin to explain my giddy-ness over the fact that I am now one of the few owners of this polish. 

And as if that wasn't enough, Marta included a few other polishes: Shimmer Arriann, OPI Dining Al-Fresco (from the SanFrancisco Collection), and Cirque Sanguine and Kaleidoscope. 

I am so touched by her Generosity... I can only hope to repay her someday - maybe when I finally finish school and start making some money for myself :P

Now just for fun I've included a few swatches "Just Because" <3

Indirect Sunlight

Indirect Sunlight

Indirect Sunlight
Indoors with Flash (looks a little more red here)

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Marta for her kindness!! I hope we can meet up someday for some friendly Chit Chat when either of us venture across the country... for whatever reason ;)