August 2, 2013

Travel Manicure Ideas

I'm going on Vacation!! :D   Tomorrow evening I will be off for two full weeks to Germany to visit a very good friend of mine and my best girlfriend is travelling with me!!

I am so so excited, although it still doesn't seem real.

As I was packing my manicure "to-go" kit, I realized it would be a great blog post idea... so today I will be showing you all what I plan to take with me for my two week adventure and show you a few quick manicure ideas that you can do on the go :)

First I start with the basics... some nail polish remover wipes (these are much easier to carry with me than a bottle of remover and make up pads), nail clipper (not shown), base coat (not shown), top coat (gotta love a new bottle of seche vite), mini nail file (courtesy of mont bleu), travel size hand creme, mini cuticle oil, and a Sally Hansen No more Mistakes clean-up pen.

This will be my first time using a clean-up pen instead of pure acetone, but I thought it would be much easier to carry around with me instead of a bottle of acetone and brush.

And of course, some polish!! (For those of you that like to keep things simple you could just take your favourite polish and a small manicure kit (as seen above), but of course I choose to spice things up! 

For my trip to germany I chose three lovely shades from the OPI Germany Collection, Germanicure, Don't Pretzel my Buttons, and Berlin There, Done That. I also Included CG Flip Flop Fantasy (any polish-lovers go-to summer shade) and Shimmer Airriann (it's always nice to have a glitter handy)

And now I will show you a few simple manicure ideas that you can do on the go... 

This manicure is two coats of FFF with Airriann painted at the base of my nails...

This next one features three of the Germany Collection polishes. Start with the light base and add strips of the other polishes as you go. (This look is very similar to the Steven Tyler nail art)

And last but not least is a variation on the traditional french manicure (that requires a lot less precision). Start with a base coat (I used Don't Pretzel My Buttons) and then paint the tips with two quick swipes from the inside in and down to the tip. This look would also work great with FFF.

Simple and sweet, a few manicure ideas for travelling. What else would you consider to be a must-have when on-the-go?? I dunno about all of you but I always feel like I'm forgetting something when I pack.