August 30, 2013

Zoya Gradient

I'm back! So sorry for the hiatus, I can't believe it has been two weeks since my last post!! My life has been completely chaotic. My trip to Germany was amazing! I took so many pictures and haven't gotten a chance to go through them yet. As soon as I got back to Canada I packed everything up and moved to a difference province to start my Physiotherapy program. Unfortunately, my new apartment will not have internet until September 12th. Today is the first day I managed to get on campus and get access to WiFi so that I can schedule a few posts to tie you all over until I can get back to a regular schedule.

So... enough of an explanation for my absence, lets get on to the nails already...

Indirect Sunlight

Today's gradient is simple yet glamorous! :) I used Zoya Charla and Mimi over top of a black base. This manicure is actually from the vault (I created it a few weeks before leaving for germany)... since my nails are still in recovery from moving... major recovery.

Indirect Natural Light

Indoor no flash
Stay tuned, tomorrow I scheduled a post featuring this gradient will a little something extra added ;)