September 12, 2013

Halifax Nail Eat and Greet

Last Friday I had the lovely pleasure of meeting a few local bloggers/instagram-ers that share my love of nail polish and nail art.

It was a great opportunity to get familiar with the Halifax nail art scene right away since I only just moved here a few weeks ago.

We spent the evening at a local restaurant eating, having a few drinks, and chatting about our love of polish. It was an awesome time! And of course we did a small nail polish swap! Keep reading for more details and photos!

From left to right:
Alicia @thebasecoat, Myself, Wis @wisbri, Julie @juwie_, and Christabell @christabellnails

Our manicures for the evening...

Clockwise from the left we have Wis, Julie, Christabell, Alicia, and myself (I went with a plain solid red, my polish stash was still in shambles at the time and my nails are in recovery mode from moving).

We swapped polish randomly and I got to take home a Liquid Sands polish from OPI, Alcatraz... Rocks

Christabell was the one who organized the whole get-together, and brought along a little something for each of us.. Bonita Chrome my Nail, which according to her is a must-have staple in any polish stash... I'm curious to try it out :)

And Julie brought along a few gems that she was giving away.. I grabbed two out of the pile, Joe Fresh Bumbleberry and Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Pink Promise

All in all it was a lovely evening and I hope we can all get together again in the future, we tossed around the idea of a small christmas get together and secret santa :)