September 18, 2013

Not Your Average French

School is kicking my behind! Haha. It's only the third week of classes and I'm flat out with class, labs, and studying... but painting my nails is an excellent option for down time if you ask me :)

Today I have a different take on the classic french mani...

Fot this look I used a few of my new polishes that I picked up from the Halifax bloggers meet-up...

I started with a french gradient using Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Royal Blush and Finger Paints Paper Mache. Then I added a little pink glitter to the white tips using a sponge and Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Pink Promise. When that didn't seem like enough I added the extra detail using Bonita Chrome My Nail (and Christabell was right, it is a staple in any nail artist's stash).

I love going back to the basics. Some nail artists tend to stay far away from any french manicure, but it is one of my favourite classic manicures... and you can always spruce it up ;)