September 9, 2013

Review: Incoco Nail Polish Appliques

Nail polish strips have been on my radar for some time now... I have seen them on many blogs and I was curious about how they work, how long they last, and what they look like in real life.

So when I was asked to review the Incoco 100% Nail Polish Appliques, I happily accepted.

In my review package I received a small booklet highlighting some of the 200+ designs and colors that Incoco has to offer. They also included a small orange stick and nail file to help with application and a nail polish removal cloth.

And they included two different designs to try out... Park Guell (right) and First Crush (left)

I started with Park Guell...

Application was VERY easy. They come in a pack of 16 appliques with a few different size options depending on the width of your nails. A small diagram explains exactly how to apply them and it's really quite simple to follow.

They also last much longer than regular nail polish. (which makes the $8.99 per pack worth while)

After 5 days the appliques were still just as in-tact as the day I applied them. It was very handy while moving into my new apartment, I didn't have to worry about doing a manicure every couple of days. These would be an excellent idea while travelling.

The appliques are just as easy to remove as they are to apply. Because they are 100% real nail polish they remove with any nail polish remover. I used the cloth that was included in the review package to remove the first set before applying the second. It all removed with the one cloth without a problem.

I left the second set on for 7 days with minimal wear.

Incoco has hundreds of designs to choose from, including some really cute holiday themed designs... You can check out their website below or follow them on various social media..