December 16, 2013

Cult Nails Midnight Masquerade Collection

Let me start by saying if you are not yet a part of the Cult, you should be! :) 

My boyfriend recently bought me several Cult polishes for my birthday… unfortunately, the package didn't arrive due to some shipping complications, but when I contacted Maria she immediately sent out another and - being the amazing person that she is - threw in this mini-collection with the rest. 

This mini-collection contains 3, beautiful, limited edition shades from Cult Nails. 

Right to left: Masquerade, Masquerade layered over Ms Conduct, Ms Conduct, and Midnight Mist...
Indirect Sunlight

Indoor photo with flash

 Top to Bottom: Midnight Mist, Masquerade, Ms. Conduct

Midnight Mist - A taupe/green polish with a glow that runs a deep gold to ember glow. This is a thin layerable polish that allows the depth of the glow to shine through (CultNails Blog)
Midnight Mist Comparison: Natural Light vs. Flash

Masquerade - A green jelly base packed with a duochrome of purple to copper. The purple overtakes the green for a dramatic effect. This is a thin layerable polish that can be layered over other vampy shades to intensify the effect or you can wear this beauty on it's own. (CultNails Blog)
Masquerade Comparison: Natural Light vs. Flash

 Ms Conduct This taupe meets brown creme is a bit of a coy polish. Depending on your skin tone the color can intensify to a deeper vampy look. (CultNails Blog)
Ms Conduct Comparison: Natural Light vs. Flash
I totally flipped when I saw that this collection had been added into my b-day package and I'm so happy that I could swatch and share these beautiful shades with all of you. If you were among the lucky few to pick up this collection, I hope you're as happy with it as I am. And if not, don't worry Cult Nails has many plans for the new year and I for one cannot wait to see what collections Maria will come up with next! :)