February 15, 2014

GUEST POST: Jessie from Nailed It NZ

If you caught yesterday's post you may be aware that I am on a mini-vacation... I have a week off from classes (thanks to reading week), so I am heading to visit my sister and parents in Newfoundland, and picking up my boyfriend who has been away for 7 weeks for school. During this week that I am away I have scheduled a few guest posts from some very lovely and talented nail artists :) 

I am thrilled to start the week off with a post from my... dare I call her friend :) You may recall my 12 days of Christmas challenge back in December, well that brilliant idea happened to belong to Jessie from Nailed It NZ. The challenge was a ton of fun and I'm very pleased today to feature her work on my blog... 


Hi everyone, I’m Jessie from Nailed It NZ and am very excited to be guest blogging today! I’ve been following Kelsie since very early in my blogging journey, and love her designs. I run both a nail art blog and a YouTube channel, where I do tutorials (naileditnz). The NZ stands for New Zealand, in case you’re wondering – I live in the land of sheep, the Haka and Peter Jackson.

About a year ago I gave myself the challenge of starting a Disney nail art series. I had no specific time frame to do them in; each design takes a long time so I didn’t want to rush it. I’ve done Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid and now, Frozen!

Who else has seen this movie? I love it, and haven’t gotten the song “Let it Go” out of my head for weeks! Ugh and it’s just so cute. I kind of forgot it was actually a kid’s movie until I heard a four-year-old singing that song.

I did a sort-of tutorial for these, by the way. It’s near impossible to do a proper one as it’d take forever, but it shows the overall process!

Here’s a close up of the left hand. I found this hand really hard; this is the first Disney nail art I’ve done that was inspired by an animated movie, instead of a cartoon one. So Elsa and Anna look nothing like their inspiration, which you can find here and here. But hey, I still liked them J.

I loved the way the right hand turned out (which is a bit unusual, really, as I’m right-handed) – Olaf is so awesome! I loved his song about summer, so I painted that scene on my nails. Inspiration was taken from this picture.

On the thumb of the left hand I tend to paint the movie’s logo, and Frozen was no different. Fortunately the logo was just one word – a bit easier than when I had to paint “Beauty and the Beast” on it!

This post was a little photo-heavy, so I’ll put the ones I don’t post here on my blog, instead. You don’t really need them all, but sometimes I can’t choose; a rather first-world-problem which I’m sure other bloggers can relate to!

So those are my Frozen nails. Thanks heaps, Kelsie for asking me to guest post and I hope your followers like my nail art J.


... How could anyone not love her nail art?! I am a huge child at heart and I absolutely adored this movie and so of course I love love love this design. Thank you so much Jessie for taking the time to do this and share it with my readers :)