February 20, 2014

GUEST POST: Kristin and Marie from Lemonade Nails

The final addition to this week of guest posts is by two talented ladies from Lemonade Nails. I was recently introduced to their Facebook page and loved it immediately! They are two up-and-coming nail artists and it's very cool that they are sisters! :) 


Hey guys!

My name's Kristin and I'm one half of the awesome duo that is Lemonade Nails. The other half is my sister, Marie. We met each other for the first time in 2012 and once we learned how much we both loved mani's, we became thick as thieves!
Over at Lemonade Nails, we like to hold a weekly challenge where we pick a theme and then each do our own interpretations of it so we knew we had to do the same here.  After wrestling with it a long while we settled on luxe - luxuriously expensive - as our theme for this guest post. We were so honored to be approached by Kelsie to do a guest post and can't wait to share it with you!

I decided to go for a really royal look, so I knew I had to use my First Edition by Finger Paints as a rich royal purple base. Once that had dried I applied bright gold striping tape as a faux french tip, adding interest and a quilted appearance by continuing the tape all the way to the edge on both sides. 

To set everything off I used small, round gold studs and attached them using my favorite - Seche Vite. For my feature middle nail I used a black aurora borealis cabachon and surrounded it with gold studs. What could be more decadent! To set everything down in place, I topped it all off with more Seche Vite.

Marie wanted a softer, more elegant French look using pale pink, grey and gold. For the perfect soft pink base, she used OPI's Mimosas For Mr and Mrs. Once that had dried, she used Wistonia stamping plate W203 to stamp gentle swirls on top in Gunmetal by Sally Hansen. 

To add a real touch of luxury, Marie affixed small, round gold studs to both her middle and index fingers using Seche Vite. For her accent nail, she left off the intricate stamping and opted for a little golden decadence in the form of Essie's Golden Nuggets. Marie then locked it all in place with one last coat of Seche Vite.

Thanks so much to Kelsie for giving us this amazing (and super fun!) opportunity and I hope you all enjoyed seeing our special edition weekly challenge!


I love seeing two different takes on the same theme and I think both ladies nailed the luxurious look :)

Thank you so much to both Kristin and Marie for taking the time to create these looks for my blog today. Don't forget to head over to their Facebook page and see more of their work.