February 14, 2014

Incoco Sweet Surprise

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today's post is brought to you from the Halifax International Airport (my flight is delayed).

As I sit here waiting for the plane to land that I am supposed to be on by now, I decided to put together a quick Valentine's themed post for the occasion. (I'm sure many of you are getting a little tired of all the valentine's manis floating around, but they will start to die down after today)

In the spirit of Valentine's day, Incoco has created a whole new collection - Sweet Surprise - that went on sale in January.

They created 5 new designs to add to their ever-growing collection of real nail polish appliqu├ęs...

From left to right: Love Spell's, Yours Truly, Made with Love, Sweet Surprise, Double Date

These strips were a little late getting to me due to a mix up with my new address... so I didn't have time to try them all before posting. But that's fine by me because a few of those designs can be used on any occasion.

I decided to try Love's Spell first. These "notebook doodles echo the side effects of a powerful crush"... and they're so cute! :)

I would love to try out more of these designs when I can get a bit more length with my nails. Winter is not very nice to my already weak nails :(

I hope you like these! They are super easy to apply and last for up to 14 days!

If you want to pick up a set yourself you can purchase them from Incoco.com for $8.99 each.