February 6, 2014

Review: Winstonia Second Generation Stamping Plates (pic heavy)

I'm very excited today because this is my first review of a stamping plate set. The second generation set from Winstonia! I was actually about to purchase this set myself before the offer came up to do the review.  :) 

This 22 piece set, released in December 2013, includes 6-8 images per plate for a total of 160 designs of varying sizes!! The full-nail designs are also large and dense. This means that they will stamp beautifully on larger nails (because of their size), or smaller nails without a lot of the design getting cut off (because of the density).  

This set retails for $17.95 and you can get your set HERE. But keep reading to check out the entire set before making up your mind ;)

Keep reading for pictures of all 22 stamping plates and a few manicures in between ;) 

Just a note: each plate is smooth-edged with paperback and covered in the typical protective blue film. I photographed each plate with the film still on because I try to leave it until I use the plate for the first time (it reminds me of which designs I've yet to try). Without further ado, I'll show you each of the plates... 

W201 - love the geometric designs on this one!! 

W202 - Those leaf designs are so cool!

W203 - Love the imperfect chevron on the right... and I took one look at the top design and HAD to use it...  

I started with a base of OPI I Saw...U Saw... We Saw...Warsaw and stamped with BarryM Foil Gold. The pinky is OPI All Sparkly and Gold. The stamp itself transferred perfectly and as you can see, most of the design still transferred on my shorter nails even though I only used about 2/3 of the design on the plate (what I meant by density) :)

W204 - Another favourite of mine. The quirky geometric design on the left reminded me of the "saved-by-the-bell" intro (the early 90s sit-com)

The stamped nails are a base of OPI Alpine Snow and stamped with konad special black polish. The other lovely polishes are OPI Alcatraz...Rocks (textured) and Miss You-Niverse. 

W205 - Rocks my "world"! (see design on left) 

W206 - I have an idea for a stained glass manicure with that design on the right. 

W207 - in lieu of Valentine's day right around the corner I couldn't help but use several designs from this plate... 

Base of Sally Hansen Salon Manicure I Lilac You. Stamped with konad special black polish.

 W208 - I adore those cute fairies and the crescent moon :) 

 W209 - Awesome ideas for a date to the fair or a set of birthday nails

 W210 - What does the fox say? 

 W211 - Sugar scull... and musical chilli peppers :) 

 W212 - I could use those easter egg designs all year! And that butterfly wing, dandelion, and flowers... This is another favourite plate of mine :) 

 W213 - I love how this plate offers a dream catcher for large and small nails. (the big one might fit on my thumb, but I'd be more likely to use the smaller option) 

W214 - Cowboy boots - so cool. And I have a friend I think would particularly love this plate!

W215 - Again a castle for all nail sizes :) The chandelier would make an excellent addition to a half-moon manicure. 

 W216 - My favourite is the sort-of tetris design at the top

 W217 - Rainbow road anyone?! 

 W218 - Tulips are so pretty... is it spring yet?

W219 - Matryoshka dolls (or Russian nesting dolls) - can't wait to try those

 W220 - Land before time... One of my favourite kids movies :) 

 W221 - Halloween is a long way off but these are great!

W222 - Penguins and a very interesting snow or maybe even rain stamp (top)

So... what do you guys think? What are your favourites? Please let me know in the comments section...

This set retails for $17.95 and you can get your set HERE.

You can also check out Winstonia Store on Facebook, Twitter, or check out their blog