March 31, 2014


I cannot believe it has been a full year since Bundle Monster opened up their Create-Your-Own contest in 2013. BM fans all over submitted their designs and waited eagerly until the set was released to find out if their designs made the cut and were turned into a stamp.

Well folks... it's that time of year again! And once again, I have submitted 7 of my hand-drawn designs in the hopes of being as successful as last year (3 of my designs were chosen).

And for those of you who still haven't gotten your designs in, today is the LAST CALL! So hurry over to Bundle Monster and submit your ideas. For those of you that have your designs in already, good luck!

Since I never want to leave you without pictures of nail art... here's a manicure using one of my designs from last year... the kitty cat :)

I started with a base of OPI Dolce de Leche and stamped using Konad special black polish, BM-412 with the kitty cat on it that I designed, and a design (not my own) from BM-424 with all the little paw prints :)

March 24, 2014

Love at First Stripe

Back to shorties again. I have a practical exam coming up this week so I need to keep my nails short (wouldn't want to scratch a pretend-patient)... And I also have a midterm coming up on Thursday so this will be my last post at least until the weekend :P

Lightbox with flash
For this look I started with a base of Cult Nails Love at First Sight and then stamped BM-022 with Barry M Lilac Foil. 

Also, If anyone could explain to me why some of my photos keep turning out so grainy that'd be great. (The black background and cap of the polish bottle are what I'm referring to, they don't look like that when I'm watermarking, only when I upload to blogger - and it happens to some photos but not others - but all three of these photos were edited the same way via iPhoto and GIMP so I don't know why it happened to the bottom two but not the top one... please help)

Aside from the oddly foggy/grainy photos I hope you like this look :) Just keeping it sweet and simple with stamping designs until I get through this week of midterms and head into finals in a few weeks.

March 20, 2014

piCture pOlish limited edition collection: worth stabbing myself in the hand for

If you follow my instagram you may have seen that in my excitement upon the arrival of the piCture pOlish limited edition collection I managed to stab myself in the hand :P  

I was attempting to open the package with a cuticle cutter (the purple thing)... instead of getting the scissors from the kitchen... when it slipped and stabbed me. Luckily no stitches were needed, but it's still healing and will likely leave a noticeable scar. 

Regardless, it was well worth it!! Today I have swatches of 4/5 of the polishes from the limited edition collection by piCture pOlish. (I was too late to get my hands on aurora, and borealis has no yet launched)

Solar Flare: A stunning red/copper duo-chrome layered over black

Gravity: This blue/purple brings you back down to earth - layered over black

Altered State: Believe it or not this polish is a purple/copper duo chrome that photographs blue and looks blue/purple under warm lighting. The purple/copper shines through in sunlight or under fluorescents - layered over black

Indirect Sunlight
Illusionist: aptly named, this polish is a green/purple duo-chrome in sunlight and a turquoise under artificial lighting - layered over black

I think my favourites are altered state and solar flare thus far. These polishes are absolutely breathtaking in any lighting and I got many compliments on them the week that I wore them (one per day/two days). Layered over black, these shades are the exact same as in the bottle (otherwise they are very translucent). I'm curious to see them layered over white. I also really want to do a galaxy manicure with them (there are a few galaxy manicures floating around inspired by this collection).

While these polishes are part of a limited edition collection from piCture pOlish, they are doing multiple releases, and the final release of these polishes (included the VERY limited Aurora, and new-release, Borealis) will be at the end of this month. I am keeping a very close eye out so I can complete my collection :)

*note: these polishes were not provided for review but purchased by me. 

March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day 2014!

I have a confession... I'm not much of a partygoer and as a result, I almost forgot about St. Patty's day. But... I'm just in time to show you guys a quick and simple mani I did for the occasion :) 

I used Cult Nails Riot from the "Road Trip, Anyone?" collection. On the ring finger I started with a base of OPI Alpine Snow and I stamped BM-H05 with Riot. 

The green was difficult to photograph, its more of a green-blue in real life, but still seemed great for Patty's Day.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend whether celebrating with green everything or not :P

March 16, 2014

13 Manicures, 2 Days

Last week I went to an event hosted by my school, the Physiotherapy Ball :) 

The school does this event every year, and it's a semi-formal so we all got dressed up, went to a hotel ballroom in the city, had a lovely dinner, and then danced the night away.

And... I had the pleasure of doing several of the girl's nails friday night, and saturday morning before the ball (check them out below)...  also, the photos were all taken with phones so they might not be the clearest...

Each girl matched their nails to their dress, shoes, or opted for a french. The night was a huge success and it was a ton of fun creating each look :)

March 10, 2014

Studded Skittle

If you follow my instagram you may have seen this look already... I've been meaning to recreate this design for a while and finally got around to it :) 

The look was inspired by this image I found ages ago... and I'm not sure of the original source :(

The polishes include: OPI Don't Pretzel my Buttons (thumb and pinky), American Apparel Trenchcoat, Cult Nails Ms. Conduct, and Grunge

March 9, 2014

Cult Nails Passionate Dreams Collection Swatches

This post has been sitting in my "drafts" folder for about a week now. This collection arrived in the mail back in February before I left on my break. I finally got around to swatching them all a couple of weeks ago... and then the fun part, editing (insert sarcasm here). 

So now I am finally getting around to actually showing you guys... the Cult Nails Passionate Dreams Collection (purchased by me from

This collection has a mini love story behind it...

PRESS RELEASE from Cult Nails™

…She dreamed of the day when she would find him, the one.  And find him, she did.  He passed her in the park on her morning walk.  She'd been watching him as he approached.  With his head down and his hands in his pockets, he hadn't given her so much as a glance.  But there he was, the absolute man of her dreams.  His stride was flawless and graceful, but manly.  His build was average but he carried himself with confidence, not cockiness.  And his eyes.  Oh his eyes!  When he looked up to apologize for almost bumping into her, she could feel his eyes looking deeper into her soul than she ever thought possible.  His stare was intense.  Heart stopping.  Lethal.  That was the moment.  The feeling his gaze left her with was enough to ignite her passion.  Then she felt it.  The pounding in her heart.  Her breathing became shallow and quick.  Her senses were exploding at the thought of him simply speaking to her.  Then, it happened.  She looked back at him and their eyes met once more.  It was undeniable; but as quickly as he approached, he continued on, blending in with the background until he was eventually out of sight.

CULT NAILS™ brings you the PASSIONATE DREAMS collection.  With names like LETHAL, IGNITE, ANGEL WHISPERS, and KISS, this collection brings emotions of desire, lust, and passion, and the colors are no exception. - from Cult Nails Blog

Ignite: The night sky in a bottle, literally. This gorgeous black creme is full of silver micro glitter that looks like the night sky on your fingertips. This is one coat with no top coat...

I'm not sure what happened with the colour quality in this photo, it turned out "hazy", the polish is more like the first photo. 

Lethal: A brilliant silver! I didn't swatch this polish by itself because I tend not to wear silver alone, but instead use it for nail art. This happens to be the first ever Ruffian design I've done :)

Angel Whispers: A Textured soft pink polish with silver glitter throughout.

Kiss: My personal favourite from the collection. A wax-finish red <3

If you haven't gotten your hands on these beauties I would highly suggest doing so. You can purchase from or a variety of retailers :)

March 3, 2014

Review: Born Pretty Store Stamping Plate W-02

Due to dry sad winter nails that frequently cracked and peeled, I decided to try out a rounded nail in an attempt to grow them out a little more. 

So far so good but I don't want to jinx anything. In the meanwhile I have another product from Born Pretty Store... 

Stamping Plate W-02

I love the centre design. So many great nail art ideas.  

It's been a while since I sported a french manicure... I started with a base of Suzy Nude, then taped off the tips and painted them with OPI Alpine Snow. Topped it off with a bow from the stamp using konad special black polish.

This stamp retails for $0.99USD and there are tons of other stamps to choose from if this isn't your taste. I personally love the bows, and they all transfer very well.