March 20, 2014

piCture pOlish limited edition collection: worth stabbing myself in the hand for

If you follow my instagram you may have seen that in my excitement upon the arrival of the piCture pOlish limited edition collection I managed to stab myself in the hand :P  

I was attempting to open the package with a cuticle cutter (the purple thing)... instead of getting the scissors from the kitchen... when it slipped and stabbed me. Luckily no stitches were needed, but it's still healing and will likely leave a noticeable scar. 

Regardless, it was well worth it!! Today I have swatches of 4/5 of the polishes from the limited edition collection by piCture pOlish. (I was too late to get my hands on aurora, and borealis has no yet launched)

Solar Flare: A stunning red/copper duo-chrome layered over black

Gravity: This blue/purple brings you back down to earth - layered over black

Altered State: Believe it or not this polish is a purple/copper duo chrome that photographs blue and looks blue/purple under warm lighting. The purple/copper shines through in sunlight or under fluorescents - layered over black

Indirect Sunlight
Illusionist: aptly named, this polish is a green/purple duo-chrome in sunlight and a turquoise under artificial lighting - layered over black

I think my favourites are altered state and solar flare thus far. These polishes are absolutely breathtaking in any lighting and I got many compliments on them the week that I wore them (one per day/two days). Layered over black, these shades are the exact same as in the bottle (otherwise they are very translucent). I'm curious to see them layered over white. I also really want to do a galaxy manicure with them (there are a few galaxy manicures floating around inspired by this collection).

While these polishes are part of a limited edition collection from piCture pOlish, they are doing multiple releases, and the final release of these polishes (included the VERY limited Aurora, and new-release, Borealis) will be at the end of this month. I am keeping a very close eye out so I can complete my collection :)

*note: these polishes were not provided for review but purchased by me.