May 24, 2014

All Sparkly and Gold... Chevron

Ten full days since my last post... I guess I underestimated how little I would actually blog while doing my clinical placement. Apologies for my scattered posts, but I promise I haven't gone anywhere for good :) 

Today I have another simple nail art design for you... 

The base is OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons and the chevron base was created using scotch tape and OPI All Sparkly and Gold

Sweet and simple.

Just an update on whats going on with me... I'm 4 weeks into my 6-week placement in Newfoundland and enjoying all of the hands-on experience in the hospital here. But I do miss Halifax and my nail polish collection I had to leave behind :(
For the next two weeks the nail art will continue to be quite simple because of my small collection here with me. I hope you all stick around ;)