May 2, 2014

Light as a Feather

It has been a couple of weeks since I finished up my final exams, left Halifax and moved in with my parents (for 6 weeks while I do my first clinical placement/internship). So now I find myself back in central Newfoundland, no longer weighed down by studying and writing finals... and despite the fact I'm "working", I have more time to do my nails and read and it is lovely!

On my way to central I stopped into St. John's to visit with my sister and my extended family, including, of course, my cousin Phoebe Jane! (featured here on MANY occasions). She took advantage of my visit and had me paint her nails (even though she is incredibly talented at doing her own) :)  

She is about to celebrate her 15th birthday, and these beautiful claws are her natural nails. Nails that any blogger, including myself, would KILL for! haha.

The pink is a base polish that she owns and I'm really not sure what the name was, but the feathers were painted using OPI Black Onyx, Alpine Snow, and an OPI gold glitter that I can't recall the name of at the moment. I followed the tutorial by @naildecor 

Hope you like this look :)

Just a note: because I'm working for 6 weeks in a hospital (and then another 6 in a hospital in Halifax) my posts may be a little more sporadic through to July. I'm not allowed to wear polish in the hospital and I have to keep my nails short for infection control (and so I don't scratch anyone) so I'm only doing my nails on the weekend. I will try to do a few and post throughout the week but I'm not making any promises. Stay tuned though, I'm not going anywhere far...