July 20, 2014

Review: Nail Polish Canada Duri Rejuvacote

From dying nails... to nails to die for! 

My natural nails, sans polish and sans basecoat in both photos, artificial lighting with flash

Duri Rejuvacote nail growth system: for split, cracked, and acrylic eaten nails. 

This product is magic in a bottle! And this review could not have come at a better time for me. As many of you know I have been on 2, 6-week clinical placements back to back... and as a result I have not been allowed to wear polish at work. My nails have been in and out of water and ill-tended to for weeks, going on months! When this product arrived from Nail Polish Canada my nails were in desperate need of some TLC.

Before: If you look closely my nails were nearly see-through and had many splits in them that would inevitably turn into cracks/chips in my nails...

Sans basecoat
One week: After just one week I could notice an amazing difference in nail growth! However, at this point I was quite skeptical of it's ability to strengthen my nails. They still felt weak and fragile, and you can see in the photo the tips were still quite see-through at this point. (This is especially typical of my nails during winter months).
Wearing Duri-Rejuvacote after 1 week
Two weeks: The difference in length and strength was irrefutable. This product has blown my mind. The only other product I would equate this to would be Nailtiques. Otherwise, no other strengthening base coat can hold a candle to this one (including OPI, Sally Hansen, Seche Base, Orly Nailtrition, Nail Tek etc. you get the idea, I've tried a lot of strengtheners)
Sans base coat after 2 weeks
And... this growth system (in my opinion) beats Nailtiques in price, so all-in-all I would HIGHLY recommend it for weak/split nails.

While this product can be found in a few nail salons across Canada, Nail Polish Canada is the only online retailer where you can purchase Duri Rejuvacote (in Canada that is). It retails for $12.95 for the usual 0.5 fl. oz.

I wore Rejuvacote as instructed on the bottle without polish (because of work) for two weeks continuously. As a result, I cannot vouch for it's usefulness as a top coat, however, as a nail growth system this product has few to compete with!

Since I don't wear acrylic nails, I also can't comment on how effective this growth system is on acrylic eaten nails... but if any of you have tried it out post gel/acrylic nails please let me know how it turned out.