September 5, 2014

Review: Jamberry Nail Wraps

I was contacted many weeks ago to review Jamberry nail wraps. After browsing through the large selection and reading a little bit of information about the wraps, I quickly agreed to do the review...

Small sample of popular Jamberry nail wraps
 So What are Jamberry Nails? And how to they differ from other nail wraps? (info from press-release)

1. The wraps are a solid film covering that can be applied directly to the nail 

2. The special material is pressure and heat activated to create a water tight bond to your nail

3. The wraps are made in the USA with no harsh chemicals, and are latex free

4. Wraps can last up to two weeks, won't chip, and require no drying time

5. There are over 300 styles to choose from!

Jamberry also differs from other nail wrap brands because they have a consultant program (similar to Avon) and an option to host Jamberry nail parties. My Independent Consultant is Larra Brogdon

Larra sent me these snakeskin nail wraps in addition to the small sample card at the top of the post.

Although application required a blow-dryer in order to heat the wraps for 5 seconds before sticking to the nail, applying them was very easy. You can view a how-to video HERE.

Removal is also easy, you have two options: You can re-heat the manicure for 20-30 seconds under a dryer and then peel off, or you can soak the wraps in polish remover to dissolve the adhesive. Personally, I used the former technique and it worked like a charm.

Jamberry nail wraps are always Buy 3, Get 1 Free! And if you email my girl Larra ( and tell her that "Kelsie sent me!" she will send you a free sheet of accent wraps too!