November 24, 2014

Monday Moody Blues brought to you by piCture pOlish

Today, on this terribly dreary monday, I have TWO beautiful piCture pOlish shades to share with you (so be sure to keep reading to see both polish swatches)

Moody Blues has been on my list for quite some time. This shade was part of the 2013 collaborations and was created by piCture pOlish and Polly Polish :)

It appears my photos don't show the subtle red glitter specks that are apparent in real life. (you'll just have to take my word on it) Two thin coats (this could be a one coater depending on application), no top coat.

The second shade I want to show you today is a collab shade with one of my favourite bloggers, Chit Chat Nails! :) (and Canadian too!)

This is Cyan, with Marta's signature live-laugh-love. Stunning cyan blue polish with subtle (yet stunning!) silver speckled glitter. Two flawless coats, no top coat.

I had secretly been wondering if piCture pOlish would do a collab shade with Marta.. she has such a keen eye for color and style I was itching to see what she would come up with! I was not disappointed, and also not surprised when the shade was finally released! I just knew the ladies at piCture pOlish couldn't do collab shades without including Marta at some point! :)

Hope you guys love these shades as much as I do!