December 6, 2014

Review: Born Pretty Store Hand Care Kit

These citrus hand care gloves from Born Pretty Store are awesome! 

$5.54 per pack, these one-time-use gloves are just wonderful! They come in a citrus or rose scent and are already filled with a nourishing anti-aging mask that also helps whitens nails. 

It's best to do all prep-work prior to wearing the gloves. I did my cuticles and filed my nails like usual, then opened up the sterile pack (cut the ends to open them up), and wore the gloves for 20 minutes as instructed. The citrus pack had a cooling sensation (I'm sure these would be lovely with a warm towel also wrapped around both hands like at the spa). 

After removing, just rub the excess mask into your hands like a hand creme and your hands are left with a super hydrating (not at all greasy) feeling! All ready for polish application or just your favourite base coat for healthy nails. In my opinion these hand masks are a must-have during the harsh winter months!

You can order the mask from Born Pretty Store if you're interested, and get 10% off with my coupon code...