December 8, 2014

Review: Gdcoco Mosaic Sequins

I was contacted by a representative from a little while ago to review a nail art product from their online store.

I was given the freedom to select a product myself, and happily accepted the chance to review these stunning Gdcoco Mosaic purple sequins

The package, that retails for $8.18CAD, contained this very large container of sequins, a small black brush for brushing off excess glitter, and Gdcoco "sequin glitter grip" (a large bottle of base coat for the sequins to stick to).

All in all I think it's a great product, especially for the price. And offers free shipping worldwide!

Step by step Instructions:
1. (optional) apply base "color" - I applied a coat of black polish
2. Apply "sequin glitter grip"
3. Dip fingers into sequin pot
4. Wipe excess glitter away with the little black brush
5. Apply a second coat of "sequin glitter grip"
6. If sequins are extra "thirsty" apply a final coat of "glitter grip" or your favourite top coat to give the manicure a high shine.

You could also apply the glitter pieces one by one (which I may try another time) if you have the patience :) sells thousands of products from electronics, to apparel, to nail art accessories at very reasonable prices, and free worldwide shipping!