December 16, 2014

Winter Nail Art Challenge: Christmas Tree

Day 5 of the Winter Nail Art Challenge: Christmas Tree

This look was created a couple weeks ago when I reviewed the Gdcoco sequins. I decided to add an accent nail with a festive purple christmas tree :)

The tree was stamped using BP-01 and the gold star, both products from Born Pretty Store.

You may be wondering what happened to my manicure for Day 4 (Dec. 11), I actually didn't get around to doing it during finals week and now that I am on Christmas vacation I forgot my camera for taking photos :(  So I may do it later or just skip that day and keep going from here. On Saturday I'll have access to my mom's camera and it'll all be fine, but for Day 6 in two days I may just take iPhone pictures. We shall see. In the meanwhile, check out the other "Christmas Tree" entries...