January 25, 2015

More stamping from PUEEN

As some of you may know, I won the PUEEN Fireworks Festival stamping plate from a nail art contest hosted Chit Chat Nails... but along with that plate I also won a $100 coupon code to PUEEN... so I topped off my collection! :)

I now have enough stamping plates to last a lifetime!! And choosing a design to start with was near to impossible!! Not to mention I'm on another clinical placement in hospital so I can't wear nail polish 5/7 days a week... makes it difficult to try a new stamp each day, but I'm sure I'll get around to them eventually :) 

This one features PUEEN-22 stamped over OPI Cement the Deal from the fifty shades of grey collection. Also featured is Embrace the Grey as a dark accent nail, and Shine for Me (gotta have a glitter accent too).

Once again you can get a shot of my rarely seen "Cinderella" hand (pictured above) - I mixed up my accent nails from one hand to the other (The classic skittlete, alternating accent nails, inspired by Marta herself!)

Hope you guys like this look :)

Stay tuned for more looks from PUEEN.