January 11, 2015

Peach: Sweeten Your Life in 5 Minutes (App Review)

Recently I had the luxury of testing out a new app on the market: Peach

This lovely little app for Android and iOS is a new fashion shopping app that brings you designer and luxury brands. It combines exciting 9-minute auctions with significant discounts.

While some of the items are far outside of my price range, there are many more affordable options. And recently I won my first auction!! Bare with me as I take you through my step by step (screenshot) process of bidding and winning!

There is only ever one item up for bid at a time. When you "like" an item it will notify you when that item is available for auction. Then you have a mere 9 minutes to bid. During the first 8 minutes it will tell you what rank you are from 4 onward, or it will tell you if you are ranked in "top 3". You can change your bid at any point during the 9 minutes. However, the Rank in the last minute is hidden.

As you can see this particular item, a small Coach wristlet, typically retails for $78
I placed a bid of $60 (seen in the top right corner) and then waited patiently for the time to run out and the winner to be announced... 

Once the auction is finished, the "results" are posted and the winner is announced. In this case I won the auction!! And another awesome thing about Peach is that I only had to pay the second highest bidders price!! So I got this fabulous Coach wristlet for $24.00!

FYI Shipping is FREE within the US and $15 Internationally.

It shipped in record time and I can vouch that its quality is exactly as mentioned and it came with a small card from Coach to authenticate it. I'm so thrilled with this purchase! 

I have since bid on a few other items, but sadly have not won any other auctions since. I continue to browse Peach and keep an eye out for any other fabulous items so I can bid on them. So far many of the items have included designer wallets, handbags, purses, backpacks and occasionally sunglasses, scarves, jewelry, watches, and makeup. So if any of those things catch your eye this app may be of interest to you! 

At this point, this app is still "Invite Only" but you can try it out with my exclusive invite code: 
With this code you will get $10 credit to Peach.

If you decide to try this out let me know how you like it and what your first "WIN" is!! :)