February 5, 2015

A Rose by any other name

This is one of those frustrating incidences where the manicure turned out far better than the photographs. Grr... my hands are all washed out and you can see every little flicker of red left over from clean up. These looked so much nicer in person. 

Anyways... black base is OPI Black Onyx and its stamped with mundo de unas red stamping polish and PUEEN22 rose design (which I ADORE!)

Sorry for the very limited blog posts these past 5 weeks.. I've been on clinical placement since January 5th and its no fun painting my nails when I know I have to remove it for "work" (lol "unpaid internship") so you only get about one manicure a week out of me until next Friday when I'm finally done and moving on back to another class term. I'm actually quite looking forward to it!!