September 21, 2015

Paisley Print inspired by So Nailicious

I recently went back to square nails for a bit knowing I'd have to cut them short again at the end of the month but just missing the old square look... realized very shortly after why I opted for rounded nails. This look lasted a total of 15 hours. 15! Before the corners started to peel back :(

Anyone else find that squared nails don't hold polish as well as a rounded nail look? It's like the corners bend a lot and so the nail polish eventually chips or peels off. 

Regardless, I really like this look :) Keep reading to see how it was created. 

September 4, 2015

Review: Born Pretty Store Candy Colored Sequins

Multi-sized & multi-colored glitter... like confetti. J'Adore. 

September 1, 2015

Review: Born Pretty Store Boan Nail Art Brush

Today I decided to do a recreation of one of my more popular nail art designs from the past. 

I created the original look back in 2012 during my 31 Day Challenge that you can see HERE. It has since been shared many times on various social media outlets and I've been meaning to recreate it for a while now.