September 1, 2015

Review: Born Pretty Store Boan Nail Art Brush

Today I decided to do a recreation of one of my more popular nail art designs from the past. 

I created the original look back in 2012 during my 31 Day Challenge that you can see HERE. It has since been shared many times on various social media outlets and I've been meaning to recreate it for a while now. 

The look is entirely freehand, created with a new nail art brush I received for review from Born Pretty Store.

This adorable brush comes with it's own cover, and unique rhinestone handle.

Because of the metal head its perfect for nail art (particularly rinsing the brush in acetone). I've had brushes from craft shops before where the metal head had a color coating that came off in the acetone and made a mess all over the brush.

As you can see the brush was excellent for creating the flowers, but more importantly the fine details in the butterfly and green swirls.

The nail art brush can be purchased for $5.98 USD 

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