May 31, 2015

Splash Flowers: Inspired by The Lacquerologist

I have been meaning to get around to this design for a while now. This adorable "splash flower" look was originally created by Emily at The Lacquerologist way back in 2013 and I finally got around to following her tutorial and trying it out myself! :) 

For this look I used OPI Alpine Snow, Loreal Not a Cloud in Sight, and the black outline was done using a nail art brush and OPI Black Onyx. 

Emily has created this unique flower (and every time I see it I instantly know it's her work), and its super easy to recreate! So check out her tutorial and give it a go! (I would especially recommend this one for beginners)

May 20, 2015

Floatation Tank - My Personal Experience

Sorry this post won't be nail art related today. I wanted to journal about my floating experience and thought there's no better place than my personal blog, nail related or not.

Today I visited the newly opened Floatation Centre. These centres are popping up all over Canada, and this is the first of its kind in the beautiful city of Halifax.

What is it? Floatation tanks (also known as sensory deprivation tanks), filled with 10-inches of water and about 800lbs of dissolved epsom salt.

That you float in. For 75 minutes. Devoid of sight, sound, and touch. Alone with your own thoughts.

Scary right? Let me walk you through my personal experience...  

This beautiful new clinic (office? spa? naturopathic medical centre? not sure which name fits) has all kinds of Qì (chi), the atmosphere is calming, inviting, and so positive.

I arrived abundantly early to take advantage of the complimentary 15-min massage offered by the new massage therapist (first experience with ashiatsu massage, two thumbs up)

And after that I was brought into my own "floatation room" - complete with one floatation tank, and a shower. The owner, Lindsay, gave me the run-down on procedures and seemed completely thrilled that I was a first-time floater. 

After that, the room was all mine. After rinsing off in the shower (as requested), I hopped inside the tank to begin the experience. The tank is completely dark inside, so I put a small rolled up towel in the door (as suggested if I was a little nervous). 

While its perfectly normal to ping-pong about inside the chamber when you aren't used to "letting go", it took me only a few minutes to find "centre" and relax myself enough to stop moving within the tank (I attribute that to my love of water and 12+ years in competitive swimming). Who knew, the "ability to float", what an odd life skill. 

My first thoughts were to try and relax every muscle in my body (it was suggested to let everything go and trust the water and the salt to keep you buoyant - boy does it ever). The hardest part for me was getting my hips to relax, but eventually everything let go. Once I got comfortable I took the towel out of the door and entered into complete darkness. 

After that the hardest part was "tuning out". After I stopped focusing on my body, my mind started to wander.... I found myself thinking about the massage I'd just had, and scheduling another at a different time... which led to thinking about a face massage... relaxing my jaw... the taste in my mouth... "stop thinking"... "concentrate on breathing"..."What time is it?"..."concentrate on breathing"... Oh I wish I didn't have to breath then I'd really relax... "keep breathing"... "I should blog about this"... "I should remember what I'm thinking about right now so I can blog about this"...          

... And somewhere along that line I realized I could hear my heart beat... through my ears... so I focused on that and just drifted...

Eventually I lost all proprioception of my limbs (I had no idea where I was or where my arms or legs were in space, a very unusual but relaxing feeling)

And then the music started... 75 minutes was up before I knew it... and the sound of some strange man chanting (in the music) awoke me from my relaxed state... that told me it was time to get out and rinse off.

As a soon-to-be health professional, a stressed out student, and a human, I highly recommend floating if you are comfortable being left alone with your own thoughts, if you experience chronic pain, fatigue, anxiety, stress, or just want to get away.

The experience was surreal, relaxing, de-stressing (and I just finished an exam today). 
For many it is a chance for mediation, mindfulness, prayer, and/or rehabilitation.
The magnesium in the salt has therapeutic benefits of its own. For more information you can read about it on their website or find a floatation centre near you. 

May 13, 2015

Accent Nail Gradient

This look features piCture pOlish Water Melon, and the accent nail is a gradient featuring OPI Alpine Snow and BM-604 (one of the designs created by me).

May 7, 2015

iKat Believe it!

There are some huge changes happening in my life right now! And I couldn't think of a better time to share with you all... 

As many of you know already, I'm currently working on my Masters in Physiotherapy on the East coast of Canada... and I'm nearly done! (Just a week of classes left, then exams, and then 12 weeks of clinical) 

And.... I just recently accepted a job in Lethbridge, Alberta (on the other end of the country!) beginning October 5, 2015. 

So needless to say the next 5 months are going to be insane with a big move from NS back to NL for half of the summer, and then a HUGE move across the country with just me and my kitties. 

Why am I telling you all this? 1. because I'm super excited and wanted to share and 2. because I ask so very very kindly if my lovely readers could bare with me over the next several months while I move about and get settled into my new career and location. While everything is crazy hectic I still hope to continue blogging (just not as frequently), because I just can't part with this lovely little hobby of mine. I just hope that when I settle in and get back to regular blogging you'll all still be here :) 

And because "iKat help myself", I leave you with some nail art... here's an ikat design I did a few days ago...

Featuring OPI Romantically Involved, OPI Black Onyx, Alpine Snow, and a Gold polish (can't remember the name off hand)

Sweet Sweet Summer

This mani was featured on my instagram account a few days back. I was in the mood for something neon...

The look features China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy (new formula), Cult Nails Faded, stamped with BM-603 and OPI Embrace the Grey

It seems we are finally getting some warmer weather around here and I am soo looking forward to summer after the harsh east coast winter we just had :)