April 8, 2016

Cirque Colors: Limited Edition Sparkled Collection

I couldn't help myself! I just had to buy all of the "sparkled" polishes in Cirque's new #SpeckledandSparkled Collection... 

The Speckled & Sparkled collection contains 10 limited edition polishes
4 speckled pastels (of which I purchased 1 - featured later) & 6 foil-holographics that I'm happy to show you today...

 Saint Cloud: A lilac/lavender silver, gorgeously stunning in sunlight! This is my FAVOURITE and the very shade that drew me to this collection to begin with... stay tuned I can see many a nail art with this baby in the future.

 Sencha: The term refers to Japanese Green Tea (and it's that the perfect name for it?) - A mint green foil that has an amazing holo gleam in the sunlight

 Besos: Spanish for Kisses (isn't that just sickly sweet) - But what a hot-pink this is! The darker shades in this collection tend to glimmer in the sunlight, unlike their lighter dense holographic counterparts.

 Cin Cin: Italian for a toast or cheers! This is a stunning champagne foil-holographic.

 Oasis: Self-explanatory and would be perfect for any ocean/mermaid nail art design or worn as a bold statement polish all on its own.

Himalayan Pink: The foil-holographic counter part to the incredible Foil Halcyon, this polish is a little finer with a lot more fun in the sun.

Disclaimer: This collection was purchased by me and reviewed on my own accord. It's limited edition and I'm heartbroken because I know these bottles will not last. For nail polish collectors and beginners alike, you.want.this.collection.