June 21, 2016

Review: Melody Susie Professional 48W LED Gel Curing Lamp

My experience with soak of gel polish is relatively new, but it doesn't take a pro to realize that this product is top-notch professional grade. 

The Melody Susie 48W LED lamp features: 

- Lightweight, portable, ergonomic design
- 17 individual LED lights follow a wide dome pattern to fit and cure 5 fingers or toes inside at once
- LED lights work for 5000 hours
- 3 presets featured on the LCD screen at the back of the unit: set the timer for 5s, 20s, 30s (choose the time that works best for you)
- Motion-sensor that turns on the dryer when you place your hand or foot inside
- Removable magnetic bottom tray (easy to place unit over toes)
- Works for all LED gel polishes

Let me just say I LOVE this unit. It was super easy to set up and get started on right away.

Madam Glam color changing gel polish:  My Bestie and Me

I easily removed the magnetic bottom tray so I could place the unit directly over my foot.
(disclosure, I have yeti-sized feet and the lamp fit easily and comfortably over my wide set forefoot even with toe separators - no smudging!)

If this lamp is a little higher grade than you had in mind, Melody Susie also offers smaller wattage lamps for lower prices (All of which have excellent reviews)

You can find the lamp on Amazon.ca