August 17, 2016

Review: Gehwol Nail Softener

Fair warning this post includes a foot care product and as such includes photos of feet (gasp!) 

With an extensive range of more than 50 foot and nail care proven products and specialized treatments, Gehwol has the solution for every need promoting foot care as a vital component of overall health and well being. -

When Nail Polish Canada contacted me to review a Gehwol product, the company brand preceded itself and I took them up on the offer immediately. 

I typically do my own pedicures and have noticed that my feet tend to need a lot of work to make them mildly sandal-worthy. In particular my big toes have an awful habit of ingrowing. For years I've struggled to minimize the discomfort that ingrown nails can bring, and I've tried everything. Or so I thought...

I chose to review the Gehwol nail softener - Great for hard nails and ingrown toenails, this nail treatment will restore nails’ flexibility and reduce the pressure of nail on nail bed.

For the purposes of this review I'd like to note that I used this product once. once. And there was a notable difference in the nail & cuticles. All prepped and ready for a stellar pedicure :)