November 29, 2016

How-to Organize Your Polish Stash: Cabochon Swatches

For those of us who keep their stash of polishes in Helmers, you understand the struggle to look down upon your collection and see nothing but black and white tops with very little viewpoint of the actual polish shade. This leads to great difficulty when browsing or when looking for a specific favourite. Enter: Cabochon swatches! 

There have been some recent products on the market that help in this regard but unfortunately the price point has made it difficult, nearly impossible, for anyone with a stash >100 polishes. 

Clear 12mm cabochons are an inexpensive and easy solution! Simply paint the color directly onto the flat side of the stone and superglue it down onto the bottle top. For this reason they really do fit any bottle and don't interfere with using the cap to paint your nails in the future. 

12mm Cabochons $8.75 per 100 pieces on

Here I used several different bottles as an example. 

For regular polish: Paint 2-3 coats onto the flat side of the cabochon, allowing time to dry between each coat. Top coat for extra protection. Once dry, apply superglue and hold firmly in place on top of bottle cap. Allow a few hours to set completely.

For those pesky translucent shades, pain 2-3 coats followed by black polish 
(the color will show through the round side of the cabochon perfectly)

For soak-off gel polish (especially those that rarely have the true shade on the bottle): Apply base coat, cure, then apply 2 coats of gel color, curing each coat, then top coat and cure once more. Since it's gel polish it'll be ready to glue on the bottle immediately.

And voila! An inexpensive storage solution to view all of those beautiful shades at a glance inside your Helmer! (albeit time consuming to do your entire collection initially, once completed it's easy to add to new polishes as they arrive)

Let me know what you think in the comments below and if you've tried it out for your own collection!

I'll be sure to post some more images once my entire collection is complete!