June 15, 2017

What's Up Canada Day? FREE Nail Vinyls!

Canada Day is going to be extra special this year, and what better way to show your patriotism than wearing that iconic 11-pointed maple leaf on your nails? 

The downside... have you ever tried to paint that perfectly symmetrical leaf on your nails before?! Talk about something to lose hair over. 

Luckily, What's Up Nails have created the PERFECT nail vinyl to easily re-create that one of a kind leaf on your nails. Keep reading to find out how you can get a set for FREE. 

The vinyls come in a pack of 20 with 2 different size options. Use the outer stencil or the insert itself as a sticker to create the look you want.  

The beauty about this product is the outer stencil comes with easy to use tabs. It means the stencil will stick easily to your nail (without messing up the adhesive with your fingers on application), and remove just as easily with the pull tabs from either direction. 

I have to admit I typically don't use stencils because I can never get them to work without leaking, but this set was so easy to use with no mishaps. I used 2 smaller stencils on my index finger and 1 larger stencil on my ring finger. 

Nail Polish Canada has partnered with dozens of blogs to offer you a FREE set of nail vinyls in time for Canada Day. Use coupon code: NLDI936FK68 (act fast as there's a limited number available). 

Click HERE to claim your set of FREE Nail Vinyls