About Me

Born & raised in Wabush, Labrador (Canada). I completed my BKin at Memorial University in St. John's, Newfoundland followed by my Masters in Physiotherapy at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Currently living and practicing as a Physical Therapist in Lethbridge, Alberta. 

My obsession with nail polish started in high school after I stopped biting my nails. I painted them a different color every day.

Sammy at www.thenailasaurus.com was my initial inspiration to start blogging. I stumbled upon her 12 days of Christmas nails in December 2011, and from there was introduced into this amazing world of nail art. From then on I started collecting nail art tools and stamping plates... I picked up on proper nail care and mess-free polish application. I joined the blogging community on February 13, 2012.

All of the nail designs you see are my own unless otherwise stated. If my idea comes from another blogger I give credit. 

I enjoy reading/following other nail art blogs (but please don't spam my comment section with links)

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I love creating it!